Red Lightning Express Hybrid $25,500

Custom ON/Off-Road Electric Low Speed Vehicles “Red Lightning Express Hybrid” - $25,500

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Welded tubular steel with Black Vein powder coating & Stainless Steel Tubing Re-enforced Chassis for reduced Torsional Flexing and stable chassis dynamics.
2” X 2” hitch receiver on the front of the frame and on the Rear of vehicle.

Front Body & Finish


Injection-molded  TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin). Tu-tone pin stripping.

Rear Body & Finish


Injection-molded TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin). Tilt Oak Crate with Lay down Lift Gate, Tu-tone pin stripping & Polyurethane coating.

Standard Color


Inferno Red and Air Brush art. Additional colors available.




Overall Length


114.0 in (290 cm)

Overall Width


60 in (145 cm)

Overall Height (top of Brush           Guard )


74.625 in (190 cm)

Overall Height (with canopy)


74.625 in (190 cm) (top of canopy)

Wheel Base


68.5 in (174 cm)

Front Wheel Track


46.25 in (118 cm)

Rear Wheel Track


43.625 in (111 cm)

Ground Clearance
(at differential)


6.0 in (15 cm)




Power Source


48-volt AC Hi-Performance/ Hi-Torque Motor

Motor Type


Hi-Performance 18 Horsepower Motor/ 81 Ft. Lbs. Torque.

Electric System


48-volt AC Motor and Curtis 1238 Controller/12-volt DC/DC Converter for vehicle controls. Aircraft Switch & Covers for Marine Harsh Environment controls/ 12-volt DC/DC Converter for Audio System



Six, Trogen T-890 8-volt deep cycle Batteries 195 Amp/20 Amp Hr

Battery Charger


48 VDC Delta Q Power Supply, 120 VAC/12amp Standard Extension Cord plug In. UL/CSA Approved.

Speed Controller


650-amp Hi Performance/ 1238 Curtis Controller and PF-6 Foot Controller

Drive Train


Direct motor shaft connected to transaxle pinion shaft



Dana H12 Heavy Duty Differential with helical gears

Gear selection


Dash-mounted direction selector switch (Forward-Neutral-Reverse),  Golf/Street Speed switch mounted on Dash

Rear-Axle Ratio






Seating Capacity



Dry Weight
(without batteries)


550 lb (250 kg)

Curb Weight


1000 lb  (455 kg)

Bed Load Capacity


Orange Crate Special – 300 lbs. (126kg) Crate Size – 38.6” X 25.5” X 16.5”

Vehicle Load Capacity


900 lb (409kg)

Outside Clearance Circle


20.3 ft (7.1 m)

Ground Speed
(level ground)


Golf Speed -15 Mph , Street Speed – 25 Mph Loaded




Rack and Pinion (2 3/4 turns Lock to Lock) and Bump Steered

Front Suspension


Unequal length control arms and 10” Coil over Adjustable Pro Shocks/Hypercoil Springs for 20 inches of suspension travel / 316 Stainless Steel Strut bar for added chassis rigidity and stiffness.

Rear Suspension


3 Leaf springs with Adjustable Pro Shocks relocated outward for better axle control/ 316 Stainless Steel Rear Strut Bar for added Chassis rigidity and stiffness.

Service Brake


Front & Rear Disc Brakes w/ 9” drilled rotors, Billet Hubs front and rear.

Parking Brake


Automatic single-point park brake release with self-compensating system

Front Tires


Street  23 x 10.5 -12 mounted on Machine Finish SS spoke wheels D.O.T. Tires

Rear Tires


Street  23 x 10.5-12 mounted on Machine Finish SS spoke wheels D.O.T. Tires


Audio System




JBL Marine MBBMini Black Box System/ remote Head control for AM/FM and MP3 Jack, 45 watts per channel X 4 channel.


Front Speakers


Cycle Sound  2.5” full range Marine Harsh Weather speakers and Chrome mounting hardware


Rear Speakers


Bose 151 Marine Harsh/Outdoor Weather speaker for full range sound/SS Mounting Bracket




Not Applicable




Monster Marine Cables for Sub, Aircraft 4/conductor for speakers.




Extra DC/DC converter for Audio system. JBL Sys – 10amps/ Sub-Woofer – 15 amps/ 10 amp Power Outlet for phone charge


Dash Audio Controls


Head Unit has Volume, Mode, Band, AM, FM, Manual tuning. MP3 jack is connected into the main amp.

Street Legal Safety
Seat Belt Harness


Crow Racing Harness 3” wide for Seat and Shoulder Harness/ Latch and Link Standard Racing approved hardware.

Turn Signals


DOT approved Self Cancelling Turn Signals for Front and Rear/ 4-Way Flasher for emergency.

Brake Lights


Standard Brake Lights/ additional Double 3rd Brake Light on Rear for additional safety.



Fold down Bronze ¼” Windshield with Wrap around wind wings DOT approved



14” Panoramic View Mirror Inside and 3” Side View Mirrors



Side Reflective Decals and Rear Warning Triangle, Rear State Wording for LSV’s and Dash Decal for State Wording.



3 each Front Halogen Lights, 2 Headlights and 1 Driving light for distance. / 2 each Rear additional third brake lights.

Hybrid Technology





Honda EU Inverter 2000 Watt Generator

Dry Weight


Generator Weighs 50 lbs



Oak Box Extended 10" for Generator - 35.5"x 38.6 x 16.5

Bed Load Capacity


Orange Crate Special – 300 lbs. (126kg) Crate Size – 38.6” X 35.5” X 16.5”

Bed Lifting


1000# 48 Volt Dump Actuator to lift Oak Box.

Control Box


Select Shore-Off-Generator Power input. Raise/Lower Switch. Input Relay controller.

Extra Space


Hidden Trunk Compartment below Oak Box only accessible by the Controller


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