Features and Benefits

Please read below the features and benefits to owning Fastlane LSV's Low Speed Vehicle.

  • AC Electric Drive
    • Cost less to Operate – the Charge last longer then on DC Drive batteries - Dollar Savings
    • No mechanical moving parts in the motor – no Brushes or commutators, no maintenance.
    • More Torque – 650 amps, Better Acceleration, Less Power consumption, Better hill climbing.
    • Full Regenerative Braking to Zero speed – Charges the batteries when going down hill or coasting
    • Sealed Motor – Made for harsh environments
    • Limp Home mode – When batteries get to 20% left, speed is reduced to 15mph to get home.
  • Chassis Dynamics
    • Powder Coat – Prevention of Rust and Oxidation, easy to wash and keep clean.
    • Torsional Twist – Additional stiffening plates and suspension point re-enforced for more powerful Chassis.
    • Strong Chassis – Allows suspension to work and not disturb the direction of travel.
    • Brush Guard Cage Mounting Points – All of the mounting points are enlarged to stronger 17-7 & 18-8 Stainless Steel bolts
    • Chassis Strut Tubes – 316 Stainless Steel tubes and Hardware prevent corrosion and don’t require paint.
  • Suspension
    • Front Independent Unequal length Control Arms – Longer Travel for softer and more controlled ride.
    • Ride Height Adjustable – Ride height can be lowered or raised based on the application of the vehicle.
    • Front Springs are Variable Rate – Allow ride to be custom made for customer.
    • Rear 3 Leaf Spring – Can carry more load in the Box, heavier springs are available.
    • Bump Steer & Camber Gain – Allows the vehicle to maintain the direction it is traveling in and not deviate when hitting a bump or irregular road surface.
    • Shock Valve Settings – Are Balanced by Fastlane LSV technicians for best ride and load carrying capabilities.
  • Brakes
    • Hydraulic Front Disc Brakes – Quick Stopping Power
    • Rear Mechanical Brakes – Excellent Stopping Power and Ease of Emergency brake use.
  • Electrical Capacity
    • 48 Volt Power Supply – Best power to distance ratio for 25mph and a distance of 45 miles.
    • Monitor – 48 Volt Monitor of all Controller, motor functions and Batteries, much like a fuel gauge for the system.
    • Deutsche Plugs – All connections and wire harness are put together with Deutsche Plugs for Harsh Sealing Environment.
    • Wiring – All wiring is Hi-Temp aircraft wire for long and durable wear resistance.
    • Conduit – Conduit is Silicone coated Kevlar for protection of the wires in the harness.
    • Switches – Military Harsh Environment, Silicone Sealing toggle switches and Red Guards.
    • On Board Power Supply – Batteries can be charged from any 110VAC outlet. No special battery charger or plugs needed.
    • DC/DC Converters – 2 each DC/DC converters are used, one for Lights, Horn, & vehicle needs, and the other for the Audio System and Sub-Woofer Accessories.
    • Main Power Disconnect – Allows all power to be disconnected from the Batteries and Locked for security or charging.
    • Phone Outlet – Power outlet for charging phone
  • Lighting
    • Halogen Head Lights – Excellent view at night
    • Halogen Driving Light – Down the road and on coming traffic visibility.
    • LED 3rd brake Stop Lights – Additional Rear Visibility when letting off of the accelerator pedal or using the brake pedal.
    • Reflectors – Side Rockers have reflectors for night time visibility.
  • Safety
    • 4 Pt Harness – Seat Belts Harness for keeping the occupants in their Seats, 3” belts approved by many racing organizations, SCCA,NASCAR,Trans Am, IMSA.
    • Brush Guard Cage – Roll over protection
    • Brush Guard Front Bumper – Protects the front body cowl.
    • Brush Guard Rear Bumper – Protects the rear body and hitch.
    • Side Guard Mega Nerf Bars – Protect the side Rocker Panel
  • Audio (if installed)
  • JBL Amp & Head Unit – 45 watts X 4 Channels, High Vibration and Harsh Environment tested MP3 jack for players.
  • Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers – Are ASTM Compliant salt water, fog, rain, & snow environmental speakers.
  • Cycle Sound Speaker – Are ASTM Compliant for salt water, fog, rain, & snow environmental speakers
  • Jensen Sub-Woofer – 200 amps Sub-Woofer meets ASTM Compliant for High Vibration, salt water, fog, rain, & snow environmental speaker.
  • Marine Monster Cables – Better protection for wires and signal to Sub-woofer.
  • Isolated DC/DC converter – Audio system has its own DC/DC converter to drive the system with plenty of DC Power.

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