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Marine Audio system – JBL head and amp, Bose 151 speakers, Jensen subwoofer, Cycle Sound speakers includes all brackest to attach to 1.5" tubing & Frame.- $1,500.00

Shock Package — Front Pro Shock hydraulic coilover shocks, valved to Fastlane LSV standards, Front Hyper Coil coilover springs, Front 316 Stainless Steel strut bar, instant center spacers, Rear 316 Stainless Steel strut bar that mounts to the Chassis and mounting points for the Pro Shocks, 3 Leaf (Leaf Springs)and spring perch mounts for leaf springs, (only mounted on Jakes Front Long Travel 6” Front and Rear suspension).
Pricing - $2,500.00

High Performance 48 Volt AC Electric Motors, Controller and AC Wiring Harness —18 HP/80 Ft. Lbs. torque or (25 HP/90 Ft. Lbs. torque) – Pricing 18 HP - $3,500.00  ---  (25 HP - $4,000.00 Must purchase the Shock Package and Motor Support Stand to fit larger motor into chassis)

Motor Support Stand – A High Performance Electric Motor structural support stand between the motor and the axle housing. Made out of 6061 T-6 Aluminum Billet
Price - $150.00

Sun Visors – Bronze Polycarbonate 3/16” thick and formed as a sun visor as well as a canopy support, includes brackets to mount to a 1.5” Roll Bar.
Pricing - $200.00

Strut Bar – 316 Stainless Steel Square tubing to allow load to transfer into the chassis and across to the other suspension member. Only for Jakes Long Travel Front Suspension.
Pricing - $200.00 Each

316 Stainless Steel Rear Strut Bar to relocate the rear shocks for a larger motor and Pro-Shocks, Modifications need to be made to the chassis to mount rear strut bar, 316 Stainless Steel 18-8 machine nuts welded into Strut bar. Includes spring perch to mount Pro Shocks to leaf Springs, Must have 6” lift kit on cart.
Pricing - $1,500.00

Heim Spacers – To prevent binding of heim rods ends on king pin shaft and Shock mounts. (1/2” Hole X .440” tall)  Pricing  - $4.00 Each

Delta Q Battery Charger Bracket – to support Delta Q Battery Charger to chassis
Pricing - $150.00

Marine Outlet for 120 VAC/15 amps Power Chord & Front and Rear plate – Input chord and bracket to mount to the body. For the Delta Q Battery Charger
Pricing - $200.00

DC/DC Converter Brackets – Brackets to hold up to 1 or 2 DC/DC 20 amp power converters
Pricing - $50.00

Oak Orange Crates -  Oak Orange Crates and Tail Gate (38” X 25”X 16.5”) with Liftgate Latches/Light duty chains for lift gate, Flat mounting surface allows it to be mounted on any surface.
Pricing - $450.00

Brackets for Orange Crates - Bracket for back of seat and strut support, Bracket upright for attachment to chassis, Brackets to attach to the Orange Crate.
Pricing - $550.00

Canvas Top for Brush Guard Cage – Canopy top for our Brush Guard Cage, Colors available. (Sun visor is needed to support the front of the Canopy). Includes Canvas & Industrial Velcro to attach to the Brush Guard Cage.  
Pricing - $300.00

Bronze Windshield – Polycarbonate ¼” thick and wings that wrap around the Brush Guard, Windshield folds down. Includes adel Clamps to mount to a 1.5” Brush Guard Cage. DOT Approved & Stamped 
Pricing - $225.00

Stainless Steel Brush Guard Cage – Stainless Steel Polished Brush Guard Cage  1.5” SS Tubing creating a top to the vehicle. 
Pricing - $1,000.00

Custom Art Work and Pin striping – Art work to be OK’d By the customer Pricing - TBD

Front Bumper and Miscellaneous Supports – 2” OD 316 Brushed Stainless Steel Tubing and support tubes only for Vehicles with Jakes Long Travel suspension.
Pricing - $1,500

Rear and Side View Mirrors – Mirrors for total rear view of vehicle. Rear 17” Panoramic View
Pricing - $95.00 / Side View Mirror
Pricing - $50.00

Maval Main Disconnect – Main Disconnect switch for removing Power from all functions.
Pricing - $60.00  (does not include the Lock)

Crow Racing Seat Harnesses – Racing Seat Belt Harness system, Wrap around attachment to the Brush Guard Cage.
Pricing - $135.00 Each

LED Third Brake Light – LED Mounts to Flat surface and is 6” long for Third Brake light. High Vibration and ASTM Compliant Harsh-weather resistance.
Pricing $45.00 each.

On Board Charging System – Delta Q Battery Charging System for 48 Volt Battery Pack.
Pricing - $550.00 each.

Rear Hub Wrench – Rear Hub wrench 4" bolt circle X 4 Bolts Powder Coated Black Vein.
Pricing - $200.00 each.

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