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Morris Clement of FastLane LSVFastlane, an independent Automotive Service Center, was built in 1995 by Morris Clement, owner. Morris’s track record with the automotive industry dates back to 1978, the year he built and drove his first of several race cars. In 8 of his 10 years of SCCA, IMSA and Trans Am racing, Morris finished in a winning position: he won three gold medals (National Championships, GT 1 & GT 2), two silver medals, and three bronze medals. Morris also drove numerous 6, 12 and 24 hour endurance races. His development of chassis and suspensions for his record-breaking race cars has been the cornerstone of a successful racing career, including Tracks like Road America, Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, M.A.R, Indy IRP, Riverside, St, Louis, Miami, Sears Point, among others. Testing tires for different race cars allowed him to understand and see the difference between tires and chassis development. All of this work from 1978 to the present has allowed him to be able to assist customers in their everyday vehicles at Fastlane LSV the Automotive Service Center.

Morris also built motorcycles that appeared in Hot Bike magazine and won “Best in Show” at the Harley Davidson motorcycle event in Sturgis, ND. He was the first to build a H.D. Road King with a large rear and front tire to smooth out the ride on a Harley. In addition, he built the first Harley Springer Front end that had the front fender close to the tire and followed the tire in it’s up and down travel. He was just applying the knowledge gained in the automotive industry to the motorcycle industry.

Moving on from motorcycles to high performance Shelby Cobra’s (427 SC), Morris designed and developed the chassis and suspension for a Kirkham 427SC Cobra that earned the reputation of the fastest Cobra ever built, as described in Kit Car Magazine. He was the first to develop the suspension to be able to compete with Super Cars of today thru his knowledge of suspensions and chassis dynamics. Add the Aerodynamics package he built for the 1965 body styled Cobra, He and his brother (Steve) were able to compete at Road America and Mid-Ohio and other tracks across the country.

Today, Morris is applying his knowledge, experience, and innovative chassis and suspension design skills to leading technical development for alternative energy vehicles—i.e. low speed vehicles or LSV’s. With his in-depth understanding of bump steer, instance center, roll center, center of gravity and wheel rate, Fastlane LSV is able to understand and know how to develop a chassis that is rigidity and torsional stiffness. A stiff chassis will allow a suspension to work and absorb harsh roadway conditions without the vehicle experiencing any instability or change in direction as it travels down the road.

As Low Speed Vehicles come into existence, the Safety and Stability of these vehicles is most important. Understanding all of the factors involved when a vehicle is rolling down the road is important to the existence of the Vehicle as well as the passengers.

Morris and Fastlane LSV will build energy efficient Electric green machines customized to your specifications. Design, Fabrication, welding, powder coating and assembly is our expertise. Allow us to build a vehicle for you.

About the Low Speed Vehicles

We only use EZGO TXT Electric Vehicle Donors to begin with because the chassis is steel and workable. Then we completely disassemble the vehicle down to the bare frame so we can weld and re-enforce the chassis in the area’s that need to be stiffened structurally. The process then moves into the drilling and grinding phase where we drill larger holes in the chassis to use larger bolts in the assembly for added strength. All new Grade 8 bolts and 18-8 Stainless Steel bolts are used for there strength and corrosion resistance. Torsional Stiffness is what we are after to allow the suspension to be compliant and work like it should.

In the next phase we send the parts that we have made along with the chassis and various components out to the Sand Blaster to have the chassis blasted in preparation for the Powder Coating phase. All Powder Coating is done in the Black Vein finish which can withstand hammer blows to the chassis and still not chip or flake off. This Powder Coating provides a rust free chassis and parts for years to come and will clean up and look like new after an Off Road excursion.

In the next phase of Assembly, we start the assembly of the wiring harness’s, of which there are 3 wiring harness’s (one for 48VAC, one for 12VDC for the Vehicle needs and one for 12 VDC for the Audio needs of the vehicle. All holes have military grommets and silicone Adel clamps to attach the harness to the chassis. Then we install the components, Controller, DC/DC converters, on board Battery charger, along with amps and audio wiring if needed. At this time we also build the dash with the controls for the vehicle and all components are military harsh environment switches and covers along with marine approved MP3 jacks. All of these harnesses are connected with Deutsch Connectors made for harsh environmental conditions and pass all marine and salt water testing conditions.

In the next phase we test all of the components on the vehicle from the Lights and Driving lights, to the AC Motor and Audio System for complete form and function. Once the vehicle passes the test then we can move on to installing the body.

The Body and Brush Cage are key components to the build, we like the body style, and the Brush Cage attaches to the frame with larger 18-8 Stainless Steel bolts to provide strength and anti-corrosion. This also allows for passenger Protection. Now we can install the structure for the Orange Crate Box so it can tilt or be in a fixed position. All of the accessories can be attached along with all of the Safety requirements such as the Decals, lights, turn signals, brake lights, windshield, mirrors, and miscellaneous equipment.

During the finish phase is when we have the artist come in and do the pin stripping and design work on the body along with installing the canvas top with the Sun Visor.

The final phase is when we test the vehicle by running the vehicle thru our test course and running the battery’s down and charging them up to make sure we have utilized all of the components on the vehicle and they all work like they should. We record the data and the vehicle is then ready to be delivered.

Our Mission is to provide the highest Quality Low Speed Vehicle ever made and give our customer a great feeling of freedom and excitement, upon which, they are doing their part to make our planet a better place to live.

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